The world of work has, and continues, to change. Historically, we would have a single “career” – following a particular path, profession or trade from our early employment days through to retirement. Nowadays, a “career” can offer so much more. A sum of all the parts – knowledge, experience, skills, etc. – together with individual circumstance, ambitions and the ever-increasing opportunities provided through the digital revolution, our Careers have the potential to develop in a much more flexible and personally rewarding fashion.

COVID-19 has triggered a perfect storm for career transformation. It is likely that thousands will look to transition to new work opportunities in the coming months and years.

Deciding to transform your career is exciting and full of opportunity. Questions abound, and finding the starting point can often be the hardest piece of the puzzle.

Finding and exploring the “what”, the “why”, the “how” and the “when” is crucial to any successful change. The answers and outcome are unique to you, and so is the Red Zebra approach.

This Red Zebra has been through the process herself, hence is well positioned to advise and assist with the process.

Career Brand Roadmap

This is a key element and vitally important in any career stage, especially in job search. The authenticity, the value proposition and, critically, the visibility and quality of these elements is a massive advantage on the road to success.

The difference between your personal and career “brands” is explored and explained, as are the processes and structures to maximise the relevant elements to you (you’re an individual, remember?!)

Together we agree a roadmap for direction. Get clear about the end game. The roadmap will identify possible gaps/barriers needing attention, then focus on moving forward via the most appropriate route for the brand.

Successful job search is hastened. With the focus on your Career Brand, you enter both the active and passive job markets with clearer intention.

The Red Zebra experience allows you to build individual strategies that will empower your introductions and application material, including engaging cover letters which add value to each and every application. And remember, your Digital Brand is the opportunity to build trust with your audience before you meet them. And bonus – it also enables you to network 24/7! 

LinkedIn, Resumes & Social Profiles

Where do you start?

If you try to please all the people, you usually appeal to none. Therefore it’s vital that you identify your target audience and speak directly to them.

Your social profiles are the platform for your Personal Brand calling card. Be known for something truly unique so you stay top-of-mind and out-shine your competition.

Each of these channels requires a differing style of presentation, detail, content and focus. BUT – with so much information available today, it’s essential to utilise “the three “C”’s” across all avenues and media – Consistency, Continuity and Clarity. Red Zebra will show you

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