Meet Michelle Scheibner

Throughout my career, the purpose has always been to bring clarity, purpose and energy for change to my clients. From teaching to training; presenting to facilitating; coaching & mentoring, the goal has never wavered. My Why is creating outcomes by helping people stand out and leave a legacy.

Why engage me? I’ve…

  • Learnt from the best; and grew a presence before and with social media
  • Successfully sustained a coaching practice for over 15 years
  • Certified Digital Branding Strategist Career Thought Leaders
  • Certified Image Management Coach
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence for Coaches®
  • Enhanced Skills Practitioner Narrative Coaching
  • 20+years coaching clients to grow their personal brands, manage careers & develop into influential leaders
  • Proven ability to extract & develop unique brand voices
Michelle Scheibner - Red Zebra

My work is marked by a commitment to on-going professional development of coaching and facilitating methodologies. As a result, my clients grow their careers, build leadership influence and capability, and manage their social brand more effectively.

My clients want to articulate their personal brand in an authentic and compelling way, rather than simply adding to the noise created by digital platforms.  Their feedback is always the same – the questions I challenge them to explore and reflect on, enable them to bring to life a memorable personal brand resulting in accelerated success.