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Red Zebra specialises in elevating executives facing career crossroads. Those who are so caught up in the present they have lost sight of their purpose and the legacy they had wanted to create. Their current environment has stolen their energy, they are no longer able to articulate who they are as leaders, and their Leadership Brand is at risk.

Michelle uses many techniques to peel back layers to reveal the “Purassion” –  Red Zebra language for the mandatory ingredient of a powerful personal brand. It is the coming together of PURPOSE, the intent, resolve and commitment we have to why we do what we do + PASSION, the zeal, the aching enthusiasm that drives it.

Red Zebra steps in to re-align both vision and mission whilst connecting back to this Purassion. This is where the energy lives to bounce us out the door each day, seeking to embrace every possibility presented.

Michelle has built a successful business using her own Xfactor. Her perception and ability to synthesize patterns, themes, and interconnections her clients cannot see within their own stories, gives fresh insight using a personal brand lens. They learn how to identify and find the target audience who needs to know them, the platforms where they are most likely to be found, using the language, tone and persona most authentic to their brand.

Red Zebra uses a Social Branding process to ensure all clients “show up” in clearly branded bios (including LinkedIn), CVs, blogs, podcasts, and on video.

The outcome is when clients engage in the digital world they reach their audience with visibility, credibility, and likeability.

Red Zebra extracts stories to telegraph brand worth. Neuroscience teaches us that your promise of value is 22 times more likely to be remembered through storytelling. This is the medium we perfect to illustrate brand expertise and thought leadership.

Storytelling connects people through emotion therefore you are remembered by your story not your factual download. Facts light up 2 areas of the brain whilst stories light up 5. Stories take courage, they make you relatable and memorable and they give you your voice.

Once visible the world can distinguish your premium brand from the crowded herd based on all the right reasons.

Michelle is an expert. She understands how to enhance the physicality of personal brand. She knows the magic of successful career management and leadership influence is in having a well curated personal brand strategy. She says, “this is the secret to making the right turn when facing the career crossroad”.

Red Zebras can then stand out – and lead the herd


  • John Cracknell
    From the first meeting, Michelle’s style puts you at ease and inspires trust. She is a great listener, yet challenges your thinking and delivers advice with a mix of theory and practical example that make it simple and easy to accept, understand and act upon.
    John Cracknell
    former CEO Disney Australia
  • Clare McGlone
    Michelle's approach assisted me to start my successful consulting business and coached me through my reservations. My business is in high demand and I still use many of Michelle's strategies on a daily basis. I wouldn't be where I am today without her insightful encouragement and ability to see my potential. I recommend Michelle to executives who are looking for exciting and ingenious career options.
    Clare McGlone
    since retired
  • Sally Fleming
    Michelle, I wanted to share something with you. You were such a wonderful influence on me when I had the privilege of your guidance that even now if I come across your profile, or comments you've made on LinkedIn, I cannot help but smile. Not only that, but the mere memory of our dealings is enough to make me want to try harder, pull my proverbial socks up, and not give in. So thanks, for still being your inspirational self … years later!
    Sally Fleming
  • Justine Jacono FAPI

    Michelle has coached me through four significant senior positions, in three different fields. Michelle is an inspirational leader with exceptional communication skills. She has a great ability to work with people to uncover possibilities that enables them to reach their full potential.

    I look forward to my next chapter with Michelle and would highly recommend her to any executive contemplating their next chapter.

    Justine Jacono FAPI
    Past President Australian Property Institute (Victoria)

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